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JBS S.A. 11-16 04:09 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
The 3Q18 results just published by JBS S.A. (JBSSBZ) softened somewhat our previously released view that 2018 would be a solid year with higher revenues, better...
Macy's Inc. 11-16 03:56 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
When Macy's reported its fiscal third quarter results, it raised its full year adjusted E.P.S. guidance but essentially left its sales guidance unchanged. It's...
Cisco Systems 11-16 03:48 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
Cisco Systems posted an 8% increase in fiscal first quarter revenue (ended October 27th), its best performance in many years. Strength was evident across...
Pacific Gas & Electric 11-16 01:44 GMT
Following the market down, one of the major rating agencies finally took action on...
U.S. Bancorp 11-15 03:35 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
U.S. Bancorp (USB) tapped the corporate bond market this week, pricing $750 million in seven-year holding company debt, along with $1.0 billion in three-year,...
MHP S.A. 11-15 03:08 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
MHP S.A. (MHPSA) released some mixed results for 3Q18, as higher sale volumes were more than offset by lower poultry prices and higher production costs. MHP is in...
American Axle 11-15 03:00 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
American Axle's (AXL) third quarter adjusted EBITDA was short of the consensus forecast on a weaker gross margin driven by higher than anticipated launch...
Vodafone 11-14 16:14 GMT
Vodafone reported a 5.5% decline in revenue for the six months ending September 30th. A good portion...
Pacific Gas & Electric 11-14 15:36 GMT
We realize management of PG&E is pretty busy fighting fires these days, but the...
Tyson Foods, Inc. 11-14 13:57 GMT
Fiscal fourth quarter net sales declined 1.4% at Tyson Foods, the first time that has...
Macy's 11-16 
EMBRAER 11-08 
Lyondell 11-02 
Evergrande 10-21 
Cenchi 10-17 
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Nov 14, 2018 | Bloomberg
CL on PG&E's Financial Crisis-Q-"It's not unusual for downgrades to come fast and furiously in situations like this, so a downgrade to below investment grade is certainly a real possibility,"
Nov 1, 2018 | CNN
CL on GE's Debt Headaches-Q-"Nobody leaves" commercial paper "voluntarily"..."This is a sign of reduced financial flexibility"
Aug 20, 2018 | Barron's
CL on risk in triple 'B' bonds-Q-"Anticipating where problems may arise isn't easy . Levenson notes that "the downgrades will come after the fact [of a slowdown or recession]. "
Jun 16, 2018 | Barron's
GC on AT&T - Q- "On that score, Gimme Credit, the very independent corporate credit research outfit, last week reiterated its negative stance on AT&T's notes maturing in 2027, given the increase in leverage following the Time Warner acquisition."
Feb 8, 2018 | Financial Times
KS on Wells Fargo - Q- "It is certainly a black eye for Wells Fargo that they have not been able to put the sales incentive scandal behind them, but the growth restrictions are a greater concern for equity investors than for bondholders."
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