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Nordstrom, Inc. 02-24 00:35 GMT
Reuters reported this afternoon that the Nordstrom family is finalizing its offer to take the...
Hewlett Packard Enterprise 02-23 16:55 GMT
For an extensive period of time Hewlett Packard Enterprise was reporting...
Hewlett-Packard Inc. 02-23 15:15 GMT
It was another strong quarter for HP Inc. Fiscal first quarter (ended January 31st)...
Windstream 02-23 13:23 GMT
Reflecting the EarthLink and Broadview acquisitions, Windstream reported a 14% increase in revenue...
VEON 02-23 03:40 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
VEON Ltd. (VIP) released some weak results for 4Q17, below ours and market expectations. The company has been dealing with a very competitive environment in Algeria and...
Newell Brands 02-23 03:29 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
Newell management made the case for its "transformation plan" to Wall Street yesterday at the CAGNY conference, and also indirectly addressed a looming...
Dish Network 02-23 03:12 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
Dish Network finally provided the information investors for which investors were waiting. No, not its wireless plans, although there was some light shed...
WPX Energy 02-22 17:34 GMT
WPX Energy reported fourth quarter and full-year results reflecting a successful transition to...
Boston Scientific 02-22 17:20 GMT
Boston Scientific filed a "red herring" to issue an unspecified amount of bonds in part to...
Chesapeake Energy 02-22 15:11 GMT
Chesapeake Energy reported fourth quarter net income attributable to CHK of $309 million,...
Genworth Financial 02-22 03:55 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
Genworth Financial (GNW) has not yet secured regulatory approval for its proposed $2.7 billion sale to China Oceanwide Holdings. Bondholders have an...
Marathon Oil 02-22 02:38 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
Last week, Marathon Oil (MRO) reported fourth quarter and full year earnings, and provided 2018 capital guidance. We summarize results and the credit...
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Chesapeake 02-22 
Deere 02-16 
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Valero 02-01 
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Feb 8, 2018 | Financial Times
KS on Wells Fargo - Q- "It is certainly a black eye for Wells Fargo that they have not been able to put the sales incentive scandal behind them, but the growth restrictions are a greater concern for equity investors than for bondholders."
Nov 6, 2017 | Bloomberg
CL on TEVA -Q-"We find it troubling that management, which presumably met with Fitch before the downgrade, was not able to convince the rating agency that it would take more dramatic deleveraging actions in order to preserve investment grade ratings,"
Nov 6, 2017 | Bloomberg
DN on Sprint- Q- "They don't produce enough free cash flow to cut into the debt," "The only possible way to do that is to continue cutting costs."
Oct 14, 2017 | Associated Press
PA on Pacific Gas and Electric Co.- Q- Investors "are spooked,"
Oct 12, 2017 | Reuters
KN on Toys R Us -Q- "We rated the bonds Underperform when they were trading at 95," "We are especially good at warning bondholders about deteriorating situations,"
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