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Tencent Holdings Ltd. 03-26 02:53 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
According to some press reports, Tencent (TENCNT) is considering a bid for a 10% stake in A.S. Watson Group, a global retailer, which Temasek,...
Thermo Fisher Scientific 03-26 02:32 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
TMO's CEO recently called this the "golden age" of the CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organization) business. TMO made a big...
Thermo Fisher Scientific 03-25 17:06 GMT
Thermo Fisher Scientific, which was unusually restrained on the acquisition front...
Nutrien 03-25 02:56 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
Nutrien made its first visit to the bond markets last week in its current corporate form, issuing $1.5 billion to refinance higher cost debt and for other purposes...
MHP S.A. 03-25 02:31 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
MHP S.A. (MHPSA) 4Q18 results came broadly in line with ours and market expectations. Earlier last year, the company revised downwards its EBITDA guidance for 2018...
ConAgra Foods, Inc. 03-22 15:30 GMT
It was quite a fiscal third quarter (ended February 24th) for ConAgra Brands. Net sales...
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