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Kansas City Southern 10-20 21:14 GMT
Kansas City Southern reported strong third quarter earnings, despite the impact of...
Schlumberger 10-20 16:28 GMT
Schlumberger reported strong third quarter financial results, with net income attributable of...
Celanese Corporation 10-20 13:54 GMT
Although Celanese's (CE) third quarter adjusted EBITDA exceeded the consensus estimate...
Goldman Sachs 10-20 03:20 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
Goldman Sachs (GS) has taken some flak from investors this year, given that its fixed income business has underperformed, both in absolute terms, and...
Canadian Pacific Railway 10-20 03:04 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
Earlier this week, Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) reported good third quarter earnings, plus a disciplined growth message that we thought...
Crown Holdings 10-19 19:12 GMT
Crown posted a decent third quarter, beating consensus earnings estimates and sending its stock...
Avianca Holdings SA 10-19 16:54 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
The pilots of Avianca Holdings SA (PFAVHC) have been on strike since the end of September onwards, and, despite the company having obtained a ruling...
Cenovus Energy 10-19 13:11 GMT
Cenovus Energy announced an agreement to sell crude oil and natural gas assets in southeastern...
International Business Machines 10-19 02:35 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
IBM claimed at the beginning of the year that its second half results would be much better than in the first half. We tend to be...
Bottom Ten 10-19 01:37 GMT  (Report)
The high yield market continues to chug along with the total return for the second quarter up 2.1% (slower than 2.7% in the first quarter). Even so, weak...
Turkiye Petrol Rafinerileri A.S. 10-18 23:13 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
Last week, Turkiye Petrol Rafinerileri A.S. (Tupras, TUPRST) issued $700m of new 7-year bonds at a yield of 4.5%. Tupras will use...
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AbbVie 10-02 
Scana 09-27 
Windstream 09-26 
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Oct 14, 2017 | Associated Press
PA on Pacific Gas and Electric Co.- Q- Investors "are spooked,"
Oct 12, 2017 | Reuters
KN on Toys R Us -Q- "We rated the bonds Underperform when they were trading at 95," "We are especially good at warning bondholders about deteriorating situations,"
Sep 22, 2017 | Barron's
KN on Toys "R" Us- Q- Long-term secular trends for the industry are troublesome: birth rates are lower in developed countries and mobile phones and computers are replacing Toys? core video games and electronics,"
Sep 20, 2017 | Financial Post
KN on Toys "R" Us -Q- "We don't find this outcome surprising given the fundamentals besetting Toys"R" Us as Amazon and Wal Mart have continued to use the toy business as a loss leader and have created profitability issues "
Sep 5, 2017 | Bloomberg
CL on United Technologies -Q- "Unless United Technologies finds a painless way to use some of its offshore cash, we estimate that its leverage would soar from 2.4 times to nearly 4 times, an all-time high"
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